New York, New York

Well, its been a crazy week so far, im not sure if we've been here 2 days or 2 months. Big new today is that Mariel has taken out 3rd place in the students makeup competition. First place was fairly deserved but the local hack that took out second place needs to be knee capped, Im thinking backhand payments myself!! Mariel is wrapped but exhausted, so a few drinks to celebrate then back tomorrow for the fantasy prosthetic comp. First is a certain for this one, will keep you posted. We are staying in the sheriton in Tribeca, which is a palace compared to our last hotel. Although clean and in East Village, the "quirky" hotel has rooms no bigger than a closet. A bunk bed and not enough room for the two of us to stand at the same time! As cramped as it was, it was fun and like sleeping in a ships cabin, a 5th class cabin, maybe 4th. Statton island ferry, brooklyn bridge, $1 pizza late at night, statue of liberty and more subway riding than I care to think about. The guggenheim, natural history museum and TGI Fridays, just to top it off. We have just about covered all we wanted to in NY and beleive it or not, I am now a converted shopper and have 3 new pairs of jeans to prove it. In fact its hard for us to walk up the street without buying something. Broadway and canal st seems to be the best spots and Tribeca Tacos (a food cart on Broadway) serves the best food I have ever eaten!! I even managed to squeeze in a few trips to Central park to try out the bouldering areas at its south end. There are only 2 spots to climb really, but meeting some locals and climbing with them showed me that NYC is tough climbing. Sharp rock, tough routes and amazingly open and friendly people. In fact I have been majorly mislead, NY is open, clean, safe, friendly and incredibly easy to move around in. Apparently everyone says the opposite in the hope to keep it to themselves, just my opinion. We headed up to Long Island to see Mariels Aunty on Thursday, it was great, NY nuns are tough!! we went out to dinner, the three of us and sister Ilene, to say sister Ilene is a bit scary is like saying the sun gets a little warm. We headed to an italian resteraunt that looked like a set from the Sopranos, wait staff and all. We tried to pay for the meal and the staff said they couldnt give me or mariel the bill because Sister Seamus said she was paying and they were scared of her. They were dead serious and with threats of "smacking our bums off!!" Mariel had to distract her while I snuck around the back to pay the waiter. A heart of gold but a fist of steel!! We are heading to Chicago on Monday, via the rail overnight. I will update again from there and hopefully get some pictures up as well. xx