Well, if new york was the transition to America, Chicago has been the blowout! With both of us having friends here, the heads have been sore, the morning blurry and the nights long. Nothing much to report here, taking it fairly quiet and preparing for our epic cross country drive. We leave tomorrow and with a new bed spread, pillows and 2 lounge chair cushions ($24.98 for what is close enough to a mattress, how can you go wrong) a camp stove and 3 pounds of Brazil nuts, we are ready to go. Apparently President Obama was in town last night, as was P Daddy, we missed both and were nowhere near them but I figure that we have enter the city with good company. The weather has been cold and snow is predicted so it should make for an interesting start to the trip. the highlight here for sure was our supermarket trip, this place was amazing!! A sushi restaurant, a fresh pizza oven, wine bar and live band, all inside the supermarket!!! it was insane, the photo of Simon and Mariel isn't at a fancy bar, its actually next to the diary isle after we finished shopping, I love it, so over the top and extravagant it was perfect!! Simon has been a legend giving us his bed while we are here and playing the ultimate host, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou for the fresh fruit and vegies, NO MORE TACOS!! well, prob and few more...... damn they are good! Thats it for this leg, will report more from the road.