Song For The Mute fashion shoot

A new label to look out for next winter is Song For The Mute. A Sydney base fashion label with heaps of energy and talent. This is a few shots from there new look.

The brief from the client was dark and moody, barren and decay, to suit their goth/ninja inspired clothing. This shoot was all about lighting, a single soft box placed directly over the talent gave strong shadows on the face and clothing which was the dramatic effect i was after. I didn't light any of the background as i wanted it to fall off to black quickly, giving the images a feeling of isolation and loneliness. I found an old disused factory and secured its use from the owner. There were bits and pieces of junk still lying around the factory and these were used as simple props to break up the floor and wall in the background.
This was a full scale production with may hours of pre production and planning, everything was organized and planned prior to the day of the shoot, leaving as little as possible to chance. Because of this the day itself was relaxed and heaps of fun and the clients were very happy with the results.