Studio photos with compact cameras

A friend of mine picked me a flower yesterday, to do the flower justice for its sacrifice, i wanted to photograph it . I only had my compact digital at home, so, what was i to do??
It is quite easy to recreate professional studio lighting at home with a little "McGuyverism" and a basic understanding of light.

On camera flash is never really flattering, hitting the subject with a hard smack of direct light. By directing the cameras flash upwards (fig 1 and 2) and then bouncing it off a reflector (fig 3), it was possible to create a nicer overhead light, creating a moody soft light. The background was simply my bed cover with the area behind the flower built up to create a seamless background.

To direct the camera flash, i used a piece of foil and sticky tape. The reflector was of the collapsible kind that i carry on location, but a white bit of cardboard, mirror, newspaper would have easily worked. Each reflector creates its own unique light and color and it is worth experimenting with different materials.
The image on the left is taken with direct, traditional flash. The right uses the technique described above. The whole process took about 20 minutes, not a long time to achieve a very satifying and beautiful image.