Artist: Beats Off

This is a CD I shot with a local Sydney Hip Hop artist. The brief was that he wanted the artwork to represent his journey with his music. We decided to shoot the whole thing in Kings Cross as that played a heavy influence in his life and music.

He had an idea of the foldout, but wasn't sure as to what he wanted it to look like. In the end he gave me creative freedom and i just started having fun with it. I love this collage, the closer you look, the more you see whats going on, all images were shot on the night and sliced together. The guy with the tatts on his chest actually came up to the camera and started stripping for us!! Classic Kings Cross. Some shot you just cant plan, they just happen.

The inner sleeve is a simple representation of the creative process involved in creating his music. Pen, paper, mic, computer and a beer.

This shoot was a lot of fun, I had a clear idea of what i wanted each shot to look like and i had a plan of how to achieve them. The most important aspect of the process, was staying flexible enough to go with an idea that presented its self randomly.

Have a clear idea and plan of what you want to achieve with a shoot, but dont forget that spontaneity often produces magical results.