Bricks of Berlin

This is a new band about to take off in Sydney, Bricks of Berlin. Yes, i am bias because i know them, but their sound is awesome and have to be checked out! They needed some promo shots, but were very clear as to the look they wanted. I met them the week before over a beer and we sorted out what we wanted to achieve, locations and "feel" of the images.

Walking into any sort of shoot with a clear plan and how to execute it is invaluable. Having done the hard work prior to the shoot, you are more relaxed and can concentrate on your subjects. Your mood also transfers to your subjects. The more you relax and enjoy yourself, the more your cliens and subjects will.

We travelled to the Blue mountians for the day where we found ruins of an abandoned masion. We just wandered around until something took our fancy and we started shooting. Because we had the whole day and were just walking around, we werent under time or money constraints, this created a very pleasent and relaxed atmospere which is clear in the images and what the guys were after. Go to my links to check out their myspace and listen to some seriously deep sounds.